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Nov 15 2011

Been A While…

Shooting 2 blocks from school this morning.. so glad none of my kids were hurt! Hoping their families are okay as well..
That being said, the second year of teaching is SO much better than the first. I feel so much more ready to tackle whatever is thrown at me, and confident. Like when I found out I was looping up with some of my students from last year.. on the first day of school.
Teaching double the subjects with half the support has been rough, but I’m just glad it wasn’t that way during my first year. I love the administration and staff at my school, so definitely feel inspired, despite the continual 15-hour days!
Kids are killing it. Every class scored an 80% on at least 1 out of 2 sections on our first district assessment, and the kids I looped with did on all parts. Every kid I had last…

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May 19 2011

In Other News

I forgot to mention the fact that I’ve had bronchitis for 6 weeks and now have a fractured and dislocated rib from coughing so much. C’est la vie? Other random thoughts quickly: I threw my first baby shower ever for Stefanie (my awesome co-teacher) I’m apprehensive about teaching multiple grade levels next year My favorite…

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May 19 2011

One Day… (Left)

In honor of the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL TOMORROW (WHAT?) here’s another diversity reflection. Not only is tomorrow my last day with my awesome students, it’s also the day my licensure binder is due for TFA.. which has been a bit stressful, but it’s DONE! In other news: MY KIDS MADE THEIR BIG GOAL (80%…

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Mar 20 2011

March Madness

It’s that time of year.. Students take the CSAP (state standardized test) Students are antsy for Spring Break Teachers are ready (and sometimes even show!) they’re also ready for Spring Break Possibly my favorite college sports season rolls around I’m sitting in the airport on my first day of Spring Break.. and absolutely struggling to…

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Feb 04 2011

Diversity Reflections 1 & 2

Be warned, these are long. I had to write these for TFA and actually liked comparing then and now (one written in October, one written last weekend). Thoughts? Reflection 1–Oct 2010 1. Describe your own diversity/identity. How does this impact the way you learn and the way you will teach? I was born to a Swedish…

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Jan 24 2011

(Written Last Weekend)

Despite winter break, a determination to be at school less, and feeling guilty about not updating my blog, I’ve still been terrible about it. The phrase I find myself repeating over and over is, “just keep swimming” (as said in Dory’s voice from Finding Nemo) Just keep swimming >Even when your district test scores go…

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Nov 18 2010


Sick: The term my kids use to describe anything cool.. which I am also known to use outside of school to my friends (e.g. “dang those kicks (shoes) are sick“). Sick: A term I think of when I think of the growth my students have made this year so far. They are KILLING science. Optional…

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Oct 22 2010

Having My 7th Grade Gang Members Cry…

I feel old when I teach. These kids are too young for some much of what they are getting into. But that’s really just me impressing my judgement on them. Several of my students are in gangs. One in particular is very involved and tells me daily he, “doesn’t care.” He misbehaves in several other…

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Sep 29 2010

This is why I TFA

When instructed to write a life timeline (with events at their ages): “1- Dropped on my head/parents fought 2- Uncle Dale woke up I had drugs all around me and on my face/parents fought 3- Parents fought 4- Put in a dryer and it got started/parents fought 5-8- Parents fought 9- My parents got divorced/parents…

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Sep 22 2010

6 of My Kids Suspended Today

Urgh. How many times do I need to tell them: “I DO NOT WANT YOU OUT OF MY CLASSROOM. I WANT YOU IN IT!” They continue to get suspended (generally before my classes, so I don’t get them). Frustrating when many of your students have missed almost 2 weeks of school. I won’t suspend my…

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